Mara Hoover

Mara Hoover is the founder and CEO of FemmePowerU – a woman’s empowerment enterprise that equips women to find the fulfillment and financial freedom they deserve! Mara is on a mission to empower women to take control of their finances and their lives today. Since the age of five, Mara has had finances on the mind (balancing checkbooks and calculating compound interest, for example), and moving forward on her horizons (investing in her future).

Inspired by her mother, she has grown into a woman who celebrates every woman’s uniqueness and brilliance, while embracing their strengths to help them help themselves. As the founder of the workshop and training company specifically designed to inspire women to live in their brilliance and greatness every day, Mara has harnessed that inspiration and truly put it to work.

As an international speaker, her fresh and vibrant talks and seminars urge women to gain financial literacy and discover their unique talents and gifts. Gleaning much from her world travels, Mara translates her ideals and feisty attitude into a language that all can understand and apply to their lives. Mara truly encourages all women she encounters to confront their fears, eliminate their guilt, and move forward with a plan that will really work for them.  To learn more about Mara Hoover, FemmePowerU & FinancialPowerU, please visit:

My Story
Both of my parents have been a true inspiration to me throughout my life. Not only did they work diligently to provide an incredible childhood, their examples of strength and integrity have greatly influenced my adult life. My relationship with my father was strong from the beginning, I inherited his traits of financial acumen and entrepreneurship at a young age. Growing up exploring construction sites was not only fun it was also educational. Our conversations often included the family budget, savings, stock purchases and compound interest, even as a 10 year old! My father was my inspiration in creating FinancialPowerU a company that equips women and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to make great financial decisions.

My mother always had the goal of raising her daughters as independent women… and boy did she ever! I learned so much from her caring traits and everlasting patience, especially since I was an opinionated teenager. As an adult our relationship is closer than ever. I’ve been blessed to watch my mom grow and learn on her own journey of self discovery and she has been my inspiration for creating FemmePowerU!  

The vision for FemmePowerU & FinancialPowerU is global! Empowering women all across the world to find ultimate fulfillment, design and achieve their own version of success, celebrate their unique gifts and eagerly share them with the world. For each woman that shines brightly creates space for many others to do the same. The FemmePowerU vision calls women to step fully into their brilliance and gives her the space to shine and the community to support her and her vision!
Femme Power U
The name FemmePowerU was created to allow for expansion. Expansion of each woman in our community and expansion of our global vision. “Femme” symbolizes the beauty in each woman depicted in the logo by the Pink Lotus Flower. “Power” clearly celebrates the power in each of us and is depicted by the powerful and bold lighting bolt. Finally the “U” has three meanings: “U” captures the Uniqueness of each woman, “U” symbolizes that YOU are Unique and finally “U” is for the University, we learn as community.
The Future
The future of FemmePowerU will be guided and determined by the women of our community. I may have created the inital vision and goals, ultimately the future is open for us to define as a community. Welcome to FemmePowerU!

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