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A 3-Day Interative Women’s Workshop Focused on U…

Reconnect with the Authentic U

Celebrate the Powerful U

Show up for U!

Isn’t it time to Empower U?

Does this sound too familiar?

Are U Ready for more?

More Joy, More Support, More Community!

More Peace, More Connection, More Love!

More Time & More Money!

Are You Ready?

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Day 1- “Restore”

Reveal & Rewrite Your Money Soundtrack & Relationship

A money soundtrack is a “song” that plays in our head from around the age of 5. It is formed by our different experiences around money and often is the place from which you make ALL of your money decisions, without even knowing it!

  • Uncover your current money soundtrack and how it affects your money decisions
  • STOP telling yourself you can’t afford it and discover how to be more resourceful and get what you want!
  • Rewrite your money soundtrack into a money anthem that aligns with your goals & dreams
  • Discover your money personality: Are you a saver, spender, security seeker, risk taker or flyer?
  • Learn new ways to communicate about money in light of your money personality

Uncover Your Core Values

Once you understand what is most important to YOU at a core level you can arrange your life and business to align with those core needs.

  • Uncover your Key Core Value and your 4 Supporting Core Values
  • Actually know what is most important to you and learn practical tools to align with that
  • Imagine the peace and joy that comes with knowing and honoring your core values everyday
  • Use your “Core Value Vocabulary” to attract ideal supporters to your network & business


Day 2- “Align”

Define Your Self-Worth & Crystalize Your Vision

Many of us were raised hearing things like don’t brag or boast, unfortunately we often take this to an extreme, to the point where we actually choose to forget or ignore the very things that make us AWESOME!

  • Create your U-Factor support system through uncovering your 4 unique characteristics
  • Celebrate what makes you unique
  • Clarify your definition of Success so it supports your dream and vision for your life

Expand Your Self-Expression

Arriving at a place of full self-expression opens up unlimited opportunities to you. Self-Expressed people make history and create a lasting legacy for their community.

  • Expand your ability for self-expression through multiple channels
  • Master your image and define how you see yourself & how the world sees you
  • Clarify your story and your message so that you can share it in a way that changes lives


Day 3- “Incubate”

Get clear on what you want to experience in your life and create in the world!

Master Community Building

A supportive community, network & tribe is the ultimate step toward reaching your definition of success!

  • Master the ABC’s of community building by learning how to Always Be Connecting
  • Discover my 3 Secrets for supporting my community in a way that has them wanting to support me
  • Become a true net-weaver

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I personally guarantee that you will love this event. If for any reason at any time during the event you find that it does not meet your expectations I will refund 100% of your money! I have created this event for amazing women and that’s why I’m so sure you will love it! See you there gorgeous!

Mara Hoover Founder of FemmePowerU