“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell

Do you suffer from the follow symptoms? Lack of focus. Worry. Daydreaming of what could have been? Sadness from what might never be? If so, this blog may bring some freedom!

Oftentimes, our core beliefs surrounding what we can expect in life come from deep disappointments stemming from our past experiences. In other words, we come to expect the things we have experienced. Even if we know it is possible to have a different experience in our family dynamic, our connection with friends, in entrepreneurial success, etc, until we get to the core level and insert the key that unlocks our true nature, desires, purpose, bliss, we will keep experiencing the same disappointments.

I find that many women have stopped dreaming and have become jaded to the magical visions they entertained as a child because somewhere in life they had experiences that caused them to believe that dreaming would only lead to disappointment. And what happened next? One by one, these ladies fell victim to the belief that “maturity” meant complacency with social norms, and it meant finally being okay doing things the way your elders “always knew you could” at the expense of exploring the beauty of what brought your heart out to play.

Is that ringing true to any hearts?

Imagine your 5 year old self:
look into her eyes,
feel the wonder and curiosity,
the joy and the laughter that she sees the world through.


I remember watching the movie Matilda and thinking…hoping…that I could bring joy and reconciliation to my loved ones by tapping into the “connection” I felt deep inside. Of course I didn’t have that language, but I had the feeling, the knowing, that bliss was such.

What happened next? The terrible “Ms. Trunchbull” came in and reminded me that I was little and she was big, I was weak and she was strong, I was only learning and she was all knowing. This process came in the form of many experiences that shaped my self-worth. The breaking down came in the form of a second grade teacher who didn’t acknowledge my uniqueness, in high school bullies on the bus ride home from elementary school, in believing that I would need to reduce my shine so that I could excel at reading, writing, and arithmetic. All before the age of TEN!

Who or what experiences in your early life became your “Ms. Truchbull”? Can you recall the first times that the “magical” doors where for sure only walls?

I argue that the doors we saw as a child are still there. And they are open! We only need to reconnect to the bliss that led us to see them the first time. An influential teacher has shown me how perspective teaches us to see the world not the way it is, but as we are. As we began to see the world through a freed self, we began to see the possibilities rather than the negative messages we have picked up.

Reconnect with the bliss and I promise that things will start coming up for you that you probably haven’t felt in a while. Give your inner-self the love you didn’t have as a child, and let it speak worth to the places that need nourishment.

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