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I hope this goes global! I think this is really an experience that every woman needs but they are so afraid to give it to themselves because you have to pretty much dive deep, it’s scary, you’re vulnerable, your emotions are vulnerable, but when you do that, you find the core essence of who you are and that domino effects in all aspects of your life!
Kristy Salazar, Stylist
THANK YOU AGAIN SO VERY MUCH for creating/planning/producing/
such a beautiful, amazing, and powerful women’s program this past weekend!  You are truly a gift to our planet, and I support you totally and completely to live your vision! 
Carol Powell, Coach & Healer
Who better to learn from than a really powerful woman like Mara whose got her stuff together…she is sorting it out and she is teaching other women how to empower themselves.
Today was so empowering, it was great being around so many women who are down the same life journey as myself.
Jennifer Butler, Attendee
Mara is an amazing soul! 
FemmePowerU…two amazing days of discovery, inspiration and community. Thank you Mara for sharing your gifts and changing women’s lives.