Today, I want to talk to you about “digging for gold”. Meaning, I want to help you dig for and uncover your core values. You see, what I find is that oftentimes women don’t really have the time, or don’t feel like they can take the time to discover what is most important to them. They don’t ask themselves, “Hmm, what do I feel like doing today?” because oftentimes we are so busy running around taking care of everyone’s problems and issues, and if it isn’t that, it’s our crazy to-do list!

So I want to invite you to sit down, right now, and take a couple of minutes for yourself where you create a different kind of to-do list! The kind of list that is full of things that you LOVE. Things that bring you JOY, and enhance the PASSION in your life!
Start jotting down some of the things that are of high value you to, some of the experienes, that maybe you haven’t had in a while, bu you know, really give you a lot of energy. As you are doing this I want you to pay attention because generally one of two things will happen. Maybe you are in this state where you are too busy thinking of all the other things, and you are thinking,  “Why am I doing this, I’m wasting so much time, I should be doing something else!” Or, maybe you are going to start writing every value down under the sun, and feeling like, “Okay, now how do I get all of these different things?” So, I want to invite you to just pay attention as you are having either one of these experiences and then start to dig even deeper in to find the things that are most important to you.

There are a couple of questions to ask yourself to help get the focus going:

Question 1.) The first is to think about a story, whether it’s a movie or a novel (no non-fiction allowed here ladies!). And now, pay attention to what it was about that story that really gives you energy, that really makes you feel connected to who you are. As you think about the story, think about the values that come up from that.

Question 2.) Next, I want you to look at an experience: something that you know you are passionate about as an adult, or if you can’t think of anything you are passionate about (you are not alone here, trust me!) think back to a time as a child, the things you liked to do as a kid! Was that running freely on the beach, climbing on rocks? And start to re-live this experience a little bit!

I want you to look for themes between question 1, the story/novel/movie and question 2, which is what you are passionate about/what you loved as a kid! What you will start to see are some core values that come up between the two experiences. Maybe something like adventure, or freedom, or connectedness! All of these different values can start to arise in you, so I want you to take a moment and bask in this, and really ask yourself, “How often am I experiencing these core values, the things that are most important to me?” Are you experiencing them on a monthly basis, a weekly basis, or if you are lucky enough, is it on a daily basis? If you aren’t experiencing these things on a regular basis, it is important to start trying to figuring out how you can bring these into your life!

Maybe you came up to 3 or 4 different things that you would like to be experiencing…your core values!

The next step may feel more vulnerable…it may feel scary to even imagine…but YOU ARE WORTH IT! No go ahead and soak it in and REMIND yourself of the things that you want to be experiencing on a daily basis.
Now, HONOR yourself and figure out how you are going to incorporate them back into your life, how you will get your most important needs met!

Please, comment below, and let us know what values YOU will be focusing feeling today! What are your struggles in the rubber meeting the road? Any personal breakthroughs you would like to claim and share??

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Until Next Time, Celebrate U!